Our Story

Founded in 1980, we are a Kansas City-based real estate investment and management company that owns and manages a portfolio in excess of $1 billionĀ in its regional footprint, with an aggressive growth plan over the next five years. Nolan Living has consistently been on the leading edge of utilizing technology to optimize property management, yield management, and expense controller systems at both our local properties and our home office in Leawood, KS home office.

Light fixture at Nolan Living in Leawood, Kansas
Resident walking her bike at Nolan Living in Leawood, Kansas
Comfortable chair at Nolan Living in Leawood, Kansas

The Next 40 Years

We will continue to invest in building the high-performance team, infrastructure, systems, and processes that will enable us to achieve our long-term growth plans. The people who join Nolan Living thrive in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, and are passionately determined to enact change.


We put people first. This starts with the enormous value we place on our team members.

We work hard to recruit and hire individuals who are focused on meeting the needs of our customers. Our employees are a diverse group with different backgrounds, education and experience levels, and are unified in our commitment to our tenants and each other.

A people first philosophy also means ensuring that team members reach their fullest potential. All team members have a development plan to ensure their success. Our internal training staff works with employees to learn the technical and soft skills associated with their jobs. Outside training opportunities are also available.

We are passionate about these core values and our ability to positively impact all our stakeholders.